American Sewing Workroom, LLC.

Here at ASW...

we create high end children's clothings for designers that get their sales mainly from TRUNK SHOWs within the U.S.. We're an experienced custom made tailor/production house. We strive to help our clients each and every season through out the year by creating new patterns, modifying their existing ones, making their samples and producing their collections.

Behind the scenes, all of this is being supervised with whom we like to refer to as "Dr. tailor". One of his main specialties is Children's Clothing. Where making each and every single piece an extraordinary is our main priority.

Our main goal is quality control which sets our services and what we produce aside from all the other workrooms.

 There are more pictures of samples coming...



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At ASW, "We're here for you"

Through each and every single step of your production development.