American Sewing Workroom, LLC.


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**New/Existing Pattern(s) & Sample(s) Design Consultation:

With beyond professional expertise, we are able to take a product from simply just an idea or a drawing to actual production ready samples and patterns. ASW has the necessary experience and tools in order to develop products to meet your specific needs.

1. Pattern Making:

Not sure what to do and how to go about creating professional patterns?

Our pattern making services are incomparable to others in this industry. We can certainly work with your existing patterns and highly recommend bringing yours to us. However, since we are perfectionists at what we do, we can only work with patterns that have no technical errors. Our top quality pattern making service is true foundation of our outstanding cut and sew services that we offer our clients at ASW.


2. Sample Making:

Whether you're adding pieces to your existing collection or designing a brand new one, you are in the right place! Our prototypes are tailored to perfection and sewn to "wow" you, your buyers, and your audience. Your designs with our sew techniques and expertise, can most certainly differentiate your products from others in this highly competitive industry.



3. Cut:

With more than half a century of experience, you are most certainly right about assuming how accurate and persistent our cutting services are here at ASW. The cutting process is essentially the most important step of our clients production. We're not only delivering the strongest and the best, where as we also strive to conservatively save your fabric and making the most use out of every inches. We have the highest quality control when it comes to accuracy and how projects are cut.




4. Sew:

We handle all types of sewing techniques. Whether it's wool, cotton, velvet, we sew it all here!

We offer our clients with a wide range of customized sewn products and related services. Here we provide you with high volume and long runs as well as small start up quantities. 


5. Custom Embroidery/Monogram:

In addition to our wonderful cut and sew services, we also provide our clients with a true unique custom embroidery from their company logos on polos & shirts to custom monogramming for children or adults. We understand the incredibly high standards of this industry, therefore we implement no less than that when it comes to providing our embroidery services to our customers.




We handle it all!

"Exceeding your expectation one stitch at a time"