American Sewing Workroom, LLC.

Our company ..

The owner/CEO of ASW is a professional tailor with tremendous amount of experience in the fashion and production management industry. He has owned his clothing manufacturing company in the U.S for more than 15 years. He has countless talent in this industry including making patterns, designing, operating sewing a variety of sewing machines, making custom tailor individual dresses upon requests, and even sewing some of the most difficult dresses such as bridal dresses.

His passion for this industry has helped him to be absolutely successful in this field business. Which is why we believe in delivering the highest quality work and an outstanding customer service to our clients. We are extremely proud for being able to provide this type of top quality service in the U.S. where quality in the world takes shape.

Our company is built on the principles of making highest quality products and providing the most reliable services. 

At ASW "We are here for you",

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Through each and every single step of your production development.